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When it comes to elf bar, everyone must be familiar with it. As an electronic cigarette brand, elf bar is popular all over the world. And as a OEM for elf bars, we produce millions of e-cigarettes for elf bars every year. We continue to innovate and develop, and we have also created our own e-cigarette brand, Jec vape. Compared with elf bar, our taste is smoother and the taste is more in line with people's preferences. We, eoeo vapes, as the dealer of jec vape, remove the middlemen and present this brand to everyone at the best price. That's why our store only has the brand jec vape. Our aim is to make the Jec vape brand the most popular e-cigarette brand in the UK. Compared with elf bar, we recommend you to use jec vape. Jec vape is better in terms of price and taste.

Here are our customer reviews:

eoeo vape trustpilot review
eoeo vape trustpilot review
eoeo vapes trustpilot review
eoeo vapes trustpilot review
eoeo vapes trustpilot reviews

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  • Georgia

    I use my vapes everyday. They’re so full of flavour! Super good for people on a budget. 100% recommend!

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